BLIZZARDS (Blazin' Blizzards)

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Scientific Description

A blizzard is a long-lasting snowstorm that has a temperature near 10 degrees or lower. They are accompanied by winds
that must be at least 35 mph. It usually starts out when cold air mass moves out of the arctic into an area out of the
milder climate. There also must be a lot of blowing snow and decreasing visibilty for a duration of at least 3 hours. You need three things to have a blizzard; cold air at surface, lots of moisture, and lift. Warm air must rise over cold air.

Train is stuck in snow after a massive blizzard.


Newsworthy Event Summary

Syracuse holds a very strong weather history when it comes to wintery records, but it was'nt strong enough to hold a position for the Golden Snowball Award, ran by in conjunction with the NCAA' March Madness. Syracuse "hit heads" when it came to snowfall records with Caribou, Maine. Syracuse, NY held strong with 116'' but Caribou, Maine made a "slam-dunk" with their 121'', even though Syracuse, NY's average snowfall beats Caribou's snowfall.
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Here is ourcamp BEFORE winter.

Here is our camp DURING winter!

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