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Scientific Description

Floods occurs when it rains heavily for days and days. It could aslo occur when the snow is melting and the ground can't absorb water fast enough. Water from rivers, creeks and lakes get high enough to over flow making a flood.

A flash flood is a sudden type of flooding which occurs when water rises rapidly without warning.It could occur within sevreal hours of intense rain.

Wordle: steph flooding



moving doppler radar of flood conditions and showing their intensity
moving doppler radar of flood conditions and showing their intensity

Wordle: floods

Description of a Related Newsworthy Event

March 11, 2011: The National Weather Service talks about how temperatures are warming and snowpacks are starting to melt, putting almost half the country - from the North Central United States through the Midwest and the Northeast - at above-average risk of flooding over the next few weeks. Models show this year's snowpack in the north-central U.S. contains a water content ranked among the highest of the last 60 years. Floods occur somewhere in the United States or its territories nearly every day of the year, killing nearly 100 people on average annually and causing damage in the billions of dollars, and more than half of all flood-related deaths result from vehicles being swept downstream.Authorities say that if confronted with a water-covered road on foot or in an automobile, "turn around, don't drown."

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