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Lightning Volts


Scientific description

Lightning is the occurrence of a natural electrical discharge of a very short duration and high voltage between a cloud and the ground or within a cloud, accompanied by a bright flash and typically also thunder. It is formed when ice and water run into each other while in a cloud. Lightning can reach up to 54,000 degrees Farenheit. Lightning can hit up to 10-25 miles away from its parent cloud. It can range from minor, which is very little, to major, which is very dangerous and strong. For a fact, lightning kills or strikes more people in a year than hurricanes and tornadoes.

Lightning can be as strong as a billion volts. When you hear thunder you need to get to shelter because lightning comes whenever there is thunder. The unsafest places to be during lightning is on a golf course, swimming, under a tree, near a picnic area, or on a sports field. You should be in a building. A very dangerous thing to do during a lightning storm is walking on a carpet and touching metal. Lightning is EXTREMELY powerfull!!

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Gadgets blamed as lightning strikes dozens

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Lightning strikes have killed many, in Russia there have been several account that have been recorded saying that electronical devices have been the cause of the deaths. more then a dozen people were killed in a couple of weeks. and they believed that electronical devices such as cell phones, cd players and other devices that could possible cause electrical discharges that would attract lightning, and getting struck by lightning

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