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Thunder and Rainstorms
April 29, 2011

Thunder and Rainstorms


Scientific Description

A thunderstorm is a storm with thunder and lightning. It comes from a cumulonimbus cloud. It produces high winds, heavy rain, and sometimes hail. To make a thunderstorm you need moisture, unstable air, and lift. The moisture forms clouds and rain. You need air that is not stable, is warm, and can rise rapidly with lift. Lifts can come form from fronts, sea breezes, or mountains. Thunderstorms can occur all year round but they are most likely to occur in spring and summer in the afternoon and evening.


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Description of a Related Newsworthy Event

In January of 2011 California was hit with a major rain storm. With this rain storm came mudslides, flooding, tornadoes and even some hail. The governor of California called a state of emergency into effect as a result of this radical weather. Another reason for this state of emergency was because there was another storm that was supposed to be just as severe forecasted to come through the same area. Luckily is did not materialize. Crews immediately started clean up once they knew no new storms were going to be passing through

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