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Date - 4-12-2011


Union City, OK 1973

Scientific Description

A tornado is a whirlwind that comes down from a dark thunder cloud. A tornado is also a violent rotating column of wind extending to the ground causing massive damage. A tornado is a violent windstorm. When viewed at night, tornadoes often seem to glow a dull yellow, this is due to the lightning inside them. Winds in tornadoes blow at about 100mph or less, but in the most violent, and less frequent, tornadoes, winds can reach 300mph and cause massive destruction. All tornadoes form from thunderstorms. They need warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, and cool, dry air from Canada. When the air meets, the atmosphere becomes unstable. When this happens tornadoes form and they become unstoppable.

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Description of a Related Newsworthy Event

On May 3, 1999, many lives were effected in Oklahoma and Kansas. There had been a tornado outbreak that claimed the lives of 46 people, injured 800 people, and damaged or destroyed more than 8000 homes. The total property damage was nearly $1.5 billion. A total of 74 tornadoes touched down across the two states in less than 21 hours. At one time, there were as many as four tornadoes reported on the ground at the same time. The strongest tornado that was recorded was an F-5 on the Fujita Scale. This tornado was tracked for nearly an hour and a half along a 38 mile path in Oklahoma.

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In the year of 1999, there was a huge tornado outbreak in Oklahoma City through the days of May the 3rd and May the 6th. The deadliest tornado swept through Oklahoma City on May 3rd. The tornado arrived late Monday, killing an estimated 44 people and destroying many neighborhoods. The tornado was classified as an F-5 on the Fujita Scale. An F-5 on the Fujita scale is a tornado with wind speeds of over 200 miles per hour and does significant structural damage of mid and high rise buildings. The tornado caused at leas a 500 million dollars' worth of damage to houses and businesses. A tornado caused from this storm also killed 5 people in Kansas. A severe storm from the same system killed 1 person in Texas and on Tuesday the 4th. Through Wednesday and early Tuesday 4 more people were killed due to the same storm system.

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