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March-May 2011

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Topics and Team Names

  1. Barometric pressure (Squishy)
  2. Blizzards 1 (Blazin' Blizzards)
  3. Blizzards 2 (Gusty Whiteout)
  4. Floods (S&S Forecasting)
  5. Global warming (Summer)
  6. Hail (Hail Storm)
  7. Hurricanes 1 (Weather)
  8. Hurricanes 2 (Lightning Strikers)
  9. Ice storms (Team Thunder)
  10. Lightning (Volts)
  11. Monsoons (India)
  12. Sand and dust storms (Team Haboob)
  13. Thunder/rain storms (Landrovers)
  14. Tornadoes
  15. Wind: Global wind circulation (Windy)